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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

"A Man's Gotta Know His Limitations"

Hey, Clint Eastwood did say it best!

I have accepted the fact that we can’t all be Clark Quinn, Cathy Moore, or Cammy Bean, etc. God bless 'em - they lead the pack and I follow; learning MUCH along the way. However, I’ve come to the realization of my limitations and heck, I’m (finally) OK with that.

Initially prodded by my peers directly and indirectly to start Blogging, twittering etc …share, share, and share I was told. So I did … but I have also found that:

1. I post very infrequently (this is #4 for the blog)
2. I’m not overly deep or insightful (yet)

Here’s why - a break down of my typical day

5:15 am-7:30am:

  • Joyfully awoken by my 3.5 year old
  • Squeeze in breakfast, shower, hopefully find something I don’t have to iron and get 16 month old up (greeted by toothy smile and a hearty Helloooo!)
  • Check Twitterberry & Facebook while cleaning cereal off floor
  • 14 min drive in - alternating between NPR and ESPN


  • Log in, check company email & iGoogle (this reminds me of Janet’s post on “Meet Charlotte”)
  • Check Twitterberry


  • Analyze, Design, Create, Review, Promote, (Check Twitter), get inspired, read, review, throw hands in the air, create, influence (peruse iGoogle), get influenced, inspire, be inspired [toss-n-repeat 3x]


  • Eat dinner, be the best Percy the Steam Engine I can be, clean up, Yeah! kids bath night!, sit.


  • Log in, Check Facebook, Tweetdeck, Yammer, find Polish festival info, read fav blogs, drift into a sleepy haze
  • 3:00am awakened by needy dog in a thunderstorm

*In Summary – I’m the regular guy, and my job description does not include (but damn if I don't try!):

  • Must be able to Tweet 20x a day
  • Get paid to research new technologies to improve performance
  • Meet regularly w/executives and discuss how best to use Social Media to impart wisdom and grow personally to benefit department/org
  • Work to convince IT to drop WebSense on numerous collaborative technologies and several Blogs
  • Use at least 15% of budget on attending software training, conferences, and purchases

So, how can I adjust for my world?

1. Really, honestly remember that I am not Clark, Cathy or Cammy … and that’s OK

2. Twitterfy my posts – short-n-frequent vs.long-n-developed (for now)

3. Post like nobody is reading; relax, let it flow…which is currently true… and that’s OK

4. Think global, act local - get involved in local learning professional events and virtual ones as well

Anyone want to add a 5? 6?

Anyway - I guess I will fit it all in as best I can. Keep up on mortgage payments, give thanks for employment in a bad economy, and receive sloppy kisses from my beautiful daughter.

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