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Saturday, January 9, 2010

i gotta loosen up to get my grip

Two thoughts hit me when I had a few minutes of silence in the house (which is really rare). 1. I haven't posted to my blog in quite some time and 2. I need to scan my igoogle RSS to see who's thinking about what...

My first read was Janet Clarey's recent post Thinking about Twenty-ten. Go figure - she was commenting on ASTD's Big Questions post and there are actually 3 this round. Here they are and here also are my first thought on Q1. Q2-3 ... coming soon.
  1. What are your biggest challenges for this upcoming year?
  2. What are your major plans for the year?
  3. What predictions do you have for the year?
I think the word for me is balance. How do I balance family, work, finances and personal professional growth? Always a struggle and I know I'm not alone. Can't say I have a plan but for the most part I think simply "loosening up" might be the start. 2009 was somewhat stressful. In this past year I decided not to continue school (Masters #2) as family needed my attention. Had a few expenses that one could not predict, and I'm still figuring out my new town, Syracuse - the community, my way around, it's resources and opportunities.

This year, more than ever I plan to roll-with it. In sports you would say I am going to "Take what the defense is giving me." In 2009 I fought the current too much and clung to tightly to old ways and thoughts. I think, like I do when developing learning opportunities (elearning, training, etc), that people are able to see more, feel more, listen more, learn more, and create more when we are at ease.

2010 will require more vision/forethought, more emphasis on friends and family, absorption of more knowledge, and definitely more innovation.

BTW: i gotta loosen up to get my grip ... lyric by The Red Hot Chili Peppers "So Much I"

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