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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

What's in a name?

Recently I received a promotion and my title of ISD has been changed to Manager of Learning Solutions.

Prior to approval, one senior person stated – “that sounds pretty progressive.” And although the tone of the response was initially that of reluctance based on confusion over its meaning - the name was affirmed and is now official.

Yes, I am excited to officially take on the responsibility and pleased with the advancement but more so I am encouraged by what’s in the name; a shift from exclusive emphasis on the external (formal) to improve performance to an increased effort on enabling and encouraging the internal as well (informal, social).

The title change is recognition of my successful initiatives thus far but more than this, I see it as a big step for my organization and our employees going forward.

The decision to enact the title change is also quite symbolic in that the initial confusion and reluctance surrounding social and informal learning is likewise slowly giving way to affirmation... THAT sounds pretty progressive.

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Christiana said...

This is kinda funny! My department name changed from Technical Training to Learning Solutions in April. It's catching! LOL

My title went from Curriculum Developer to Project Manager - Instructional System Design...which barely fits on a card. :)