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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

If you answered No...

I was asked recently to help build the case for Social Media use in our organization (social business). Of course I have been making the case by living it personally and for some time with the use of collaborative tools for new hires and various projects. But alas this has been quite a skunks-works effort, so rather than flying under the radar I have a unique opportunity to make social media use more strategic.

Like many, I set out on my task to surface research and case studies. I located similar business model reports and articles and I tapped my PLN for assistance. As I began fleshing it all out I realized my undertaking was looking more like a sales pitch - sure to be seen that way too and likely to be met with instant skepticism; as what salesman isn't' instantly met with hesitancy... I started to view each slide in the presentation as a nail in a coffin. 

So rather than be armed with a series of answers to unknown questions I have decided to flip the approach and come with questions that require answers. No presentation filled with stats and examples, I am simplifying the effort. When the call comes, I'll be ready with this:

  • Do you believe that average employees can generate creative solutions to business problems?
  • Do you agree that bad practices are being conducted daily by unknowing staff?
  • Do you believe employees often struggle to get the information they need, when they need it?
  • Do you think that people who are part of a community are happier?
  • Do you think happier workers are more engaged?
  • Do you believe engaged employees are less likely to leave?
  • Do you think training employees is expensive?
  • Do you believe there are other ways to learn besides training?
  • Do you agree that people and not just resources hold the answers to common problems?

If you answered no to any if these questions then let's discuss. If not, then let's get to work!
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