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Monday, November 25, 2013

Where's this all going?

After I gave a local ASTD Chapter presentation I was asked by some attendees if I knew "where's all this going?"

Where's what going? I responded.  "All this change, you know, due to all the technology and connectedness you speak of."

I expressed that traditional "systems" will continue to get disrupted. But I thought that the term disrupted sounds kind of vague.

So I shared that I see disruption more as decentralization.

Humans are good at pattern recognition and when we look around and try to understand what is happening, what is coming, what are the trends in our work and lives one word comes to mind for me - Decentralized.

disconnected to high dynamic by Harold Jarche CC BY-NA-SA

So much is coming out of the hands of some central authority and into those of the individual. The authorities are us or other people or technologies we grant authority to.

Just think about the last trip you took. Likely booked online, no travel agency. On the way to airport you likely pumped your own gas, no attendant. You checked your Waze app to determine the fastest route, no waiting for a radio traffic report. Your lunch was relatively fast food, no waitstaff. At the airport you likely used a kiosk to print your boarding pass, no agent.

I. Me. Singular. Independent.

Learning is right in this mix. I can learn when I want, when I need to, where I'm at (physically), and where I'm at (cognitively), where I'm at in my work, and I can learn with whom I want and in the ways I want.

It's all on me. As it really has always been... and should be.

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