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Monday, June 9, 2014

It's International Working Out Loud Week - ESNs no exception!

My work involves helping people to understand and use social technologies to learn and perform better. I feel it is critical to bring the outside in; Web2.0 to the E2.0 so I shared the #WOLWeek concept internally in our ESN along with a blog post from Jennifer Stevenson summarizing the concept.

"This week is International Work Out This week. A week of sharing your work across the Internet using social tools such as Twitter, blogging platforms, wikis, etc.


Social technology serves to make the invisible visible. The basic action of working out loud #wol is to simply share what your doing right now, today, this week. It can open the door for peers to better understand your contributions, maybe your struggles, and successes. It helps in forming networks for future work. But the full activity list of #wol takes things much further; beyond the status update into letting others see your work and thinking in progress.




Check out this brief post on this event and consider how, even in our small Enterpsise Social Network (Jive) this practice could benefit each of us and SMS. Are you up for it? "

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