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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Goodbye from the Learning Zealot

Sunrise or sunset? Each day we are blessed to receive both. Brilliant moments in time. This blog has been a brilliant moment in time for me. Blogger made life very easy, it was my space to write and reflect and start or add to conversations. Those conversations changed me over the years. My journey as an ISD, then as manager of L&D has taken another step. This time putting learning in it's place, its rightful more limited place. This blog, it's title, was first and foremost about organizational learning which is still very important to me. But over the past several years I have grown and have come to see things differently. This blog name limited me and the fact that it's Google's concerned me. So I have moved on and will continue to ponder the complexity around us on my own domain, my space on the Web. I hope you will drop by where all these posts have moved and new ones are in the works if not already released.  

As the sun sets here it rises elsewhere. You can now find me for the foreseeable future at The Simple Shift ( I'm excited to have you stop by and see the new space!

Thanks for reading. Mark

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