Real learning is a part of the work, not apart from it.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Get them to see... "social media really is so-me."

Social media and the collaborative environments it enables is still new to many in T&D and being foreign I find its often met with skepticism. How then can you convince the few that the many really have something of value to share?

If no internal blog exists, send an email to the team or why not just muscle up to the water cooler?

Then take a page from Twitter ...from Facebook, from Yammer ...etc. heck, they all got their "what are you ..." inquiry, so why not place a T&D twist on it and ask ...

"What new skills have you learned this week?"

Add to that the equally important - "...oh, and HOW did you learn it?" and Viola!

People will share the most impactful job related experiences and guess what ... they will most likely be Just-in-Time, On-The-Job, social, and brief. Surprise! an aha moment - the few really are like the many, they just didn't realize it.

So, how are you enlightening?
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