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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Image abuse!

My printer continues to act up. this time a "Carriage error" took place (note alert above). Now, I don't consider myself an idiot but honestly I don't really know what the carriage is...sorry. Sure would be nice to see a picture (immediately) of the problem area on the printer ... but instead I see a picture of a woman gazing at me.

What''s the purpose of this??

1. Maybe she is there to apply subtle encouragement to get the problem resolved. She looks like she is thinking "come on, you can do it!"

2. Maybe she is trying to look angelic? With a peaceful appearance she reduces my stress and thus I am less likely to toss the printer out the window.

3. Maybe she isn't looking at me at all. Maybe this is an advanced help feature where, if I follow her eyes, she is actually looking at the solution ... this subtle technology is 'face saving" where I THINK I figured it out myself, feeling good I sing the praises of this great (yet temperamental) printer!

Actually now that I think about it ...the developer of this help feature was afraid of white space and simply slapped a bland image in it.

Couldn't they at least find a picture of an angelic woman pointing at the Carriage?

Moral to the story: Don't image for imaging sake!

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