Real learning is a part of the work, not apart from it.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Better for Having Begun

An amazing transformation can happen in the process of writing a blog post. It happens in those initial frustrating moments when you feel your ideas are beginning to be internally challenged, altered and even slipping away.  Each tap of the keyboard is followed by a micro pause of self-doubt on beliefs you once held firm. It's here, writing in public, that your mind can betray you; you are writer, readers, reviewer, critic. You can't complete the post, not because others will criticize it but because you have and you no longer align yourself to the original premise. 

Your fingers lift from the keys and you exhale an audible sigh as energy now shifts back to your thoughts, to your network, to your experiences, to your research to clarify and reflect. Defeated? Yes, if your goal was completion. Or no, if your goal is continuous growth - because you really are better for having begun this process.
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